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    I have just joined this forum and have been requested to introduce myself..

    Started with my first firearm - a lovely Anschutz .22 Hornet - in 1987 and immediately got into home loading for it due to costs and the desire to shoot something with a little more power AND accuracy potential... Both were realised and haven't looked back since.

    Used to own Section 1 revolvers & pistols and reloaded for these too until that fateful day when our Government decided I and other thus armed enthusiasts were no longer safe to own any of this type of firearm!??

    Now, along with reloading and shooting that original .22 Hornet (converted to a .22 K-Hornet quite a few years back now) I also do the same for a .223 Remington 700 HBVS, and a Sako Vixen in .17 Remington. I also reload for and shoot an old but very serviceable Section 1 Remington 1100 S.A. shotgun, and have a fully left handed .22 LR Anschutz rifle and a Black Powder, muzzle loader revolver in the shape of a stainless .45 Ruger Old Army with adjustable sights.

    I love 'tinkering' and my current involvements include trying to form "IDEAL" .17 Rem cases from alternate CHEAPER cases and reloading spent .22 LR cases (yes you read that correctly).

    I am also currently looking for a good quality 6.5mm/.260 calibre rifle, preferably but not necessarily left handed, definitely with box magazine feed in 5s or 10s, with a barrel of AT LEAST 24" but with a prefernce for longer than this, say 26"-30" of reasonably heavy contour......
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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    welcome. You wont go far wrong on here

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    Please, tell me more about the reloading .22lr cases!?

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