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Thread: Helping others to Reload

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    Helping others to Reload

    So I was thinking whilst reloading the other day, when I first got into reloading many years ago I was fortunate to have a mate who was and had been reloading for a long time for me to watch and learn from before I took the plunge and purchase all the equipment.
    So what do people think to a sort of loan scheme (without money changing hands) where if someone wants to see if its for them or wants to reload and doesn't either have the space or funds to take it up they could use other members equipment for a "gift" towards electricity, wear and tear etc, obviously supply the consumables themselves.
    This is just a suggestion and I'm sure there'll be folk who don't think it's a good idea or wouldn't want people to use their loading gear, but I'm happy for mine to be used so would welcome any constructive criticism, ideas or volunteers.

    As I have said this is just an idea to help others
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    I think most of us who got into reloading have been shown by a mate how to do it and had a go with their gear first, our club have some popular calibre dies and a powder measure, most members are willing to show and help others how to start safely, but the trouble with lending gear is the press needs to be set up on a bench fairly permanently, so the newbies are best going to the persons house and getting a lesson anyway, I have shown a lot of club members what is involved, it's not for all,but is a great social, debating thing with like minded people. I don't think it is practical for people to start posting their reloading gear out as it is heavy and bulky, so would have to be local.
    Good idea though to help new starters or folk wanting to progress into reloading, we should do what we can to encourage all shooters.

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    I think it fair to say that anyone who asks for help on SD to start reloading, is likely to get a positive response.
    I have 'entertained' several new loaders over recent years and will be pleased to do so in future. One keen young chap even set up his video camera and recorded the event.
    Reloading equipment is usually set up in a semi-permanent manner, so I think it unlikely to be lent, unless one has a surplus.
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    I teach people to reload in my reloading room but I first make them read books on the subject ahead of time. When they come over I stand there and watch and ask them questions about what they are doing, or not doing. They learn faster and understand the logic better.~Muir

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    I and a buddy have showed 16 guys from our club how we reload this year. Please note the careful use of language. We are not training or endorsing as safe as this carries onerous liability issues.

    My buddy uses completely different kit to me. He hand crafts every round where as I use every automation I can to build a similar quality at volume.

    Guys found it very useful!

    However they were like a plague of locusts and all my spare kit they twisted my arm to buy.

    This above sort of training is doable and anticipate every NRA affiliated club to be doing something similar soon.However lending kit out is really fraught with complications and potential liability issues.
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    I have spent the last year reading three different reloading manuals and have watched countless hours of reloading videos on you tube. You tube by its unregulated nature is hit and miss. I really had to wade through some dross but the good ones are very informative. I have watched the Sniper 101 series by Tiborasaurusrex which while lengthy and in depth was a really good overview of long range shooting in general covering barrel harmonics, shooting positions etc (will not be of use to some on here given stalkings close range nature) . The other 'go to' videos are from Mark aka 1967 Spud of SD fame . Simple and to the point. After this information digest I felt comfortable starting reloading. I have acquired all the kit I need and have built a secure room in the house kitted out with solid work benches with steel fixings for my press and vice.

    There is however no substitute for one on one mentoring and interaction.

    To that end if anyone in the Lincoln area wants to give up an evening post Christmas to impart some wisdom in return for tea/coffee, post reloading beer and a decent feed let me know.


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