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Thread: cost per round

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    cost per round

    Not that i do it to save money.
    Last week i costed some more powder Bullets and primers for my 6.5. being a bit sad i worked out what it would cost me per round for the finished round.

    Vhit N160 @ 70 kg
    100 sierra 120gn's 26
    Fedral GM210's 40 per 1000

    at these prices i can load for the 6.5x55 for 52p a round

    I can load for the .223 with a 55gn V max for around 24p a round
    This doesn't include buying brass as i have enough to last a lifetime.

    I thought it might be of interest to someone thinking of branching out into loading.
    Because i load my own i shoot more developing loads therefore i shoot better.
    Not sure i'd want to shoot to many crows/rabbits with the 223 if i was tied to factory ammo.


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    I reload .223 at the moment;
    Assuming it costs about 250 to buy ALL of your kit, press, dies, scales, calipers, funnels, trays, bits, bobs etc.

    Using 69gn Sierra Match Kings (not for hunting) and 24gns of Vit N140, it works out at about 43p per round. Which, compared to say a Prvi 69gn factory load (50p)would take circa 5,000 rounds to break even.

    With cheaper bullets (20p) and 30p a load it works out at circa 1250 rounds.

    So, we don't do it for the economies...

    P.S. Where are you buying V Max from at the moment? Battling to get hold of 'em.

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    Milli, do yourself a favour & substitute either A-max or Nosler bt's, you'll never look back!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I was wary of mentioning A-Max due to the manuf's recommendations but I still have the same problem, not in stock at Midway or sportsmangun. Might try find some Noslers at the local stores.


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    Can you not locate the bulk packaged Remmy, Winchester, or PRVI bullets? Or are the "name brands" all your dealer will carry??~Muir

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    The problem for many of us muir is that we cannot buy bulk quantities because of restrictions on numbers that we can hold at any one time. Expanding bullets count as rounds in this country.

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    Ah. I'm sorry. I keep forgetting that I have it so much easier. I looked at a Savage rifle yesterday with the idea of bringing it home and switching barrels to make it a 7x57 for my future son in law. I'm sure that kind of frolic would be frowned upon as well. ~Muir

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    Strange to think that the American constitution regarding arms, contains some bits & pieces of legislation that started life in the mother country, but we here are now reduced to the status of children in the eyes of the law with regards to arms.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    It happens here sometimes when politicians become unaccountable to the people. When it happens, we vote them out of office. There is a legal fight going on now in the city of Chicago (a very anti-gun city) in which the right of a municipality or state to override the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution is being challenged. The District of Columbia had the same case go in the favor of the gun owners last year.

    As an American, I can't imagine living as you good people do. You truly have a Nanny state and yes, you're treated like children. I am often frustrated on your behalf! It makes me crazy that you can't buy 1000 bullets at a reasonable price. Makes me thank God that my family left. ~Muir

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    When I research family tree stuff, I find so many places & companies carrying my surname in the states, it feels like I was cast out when the boarding passes were given out at Plymouth!........... not forgetting those that went south, bye the way! Transportation was big back then! I often wonder how close me & the Aussie politico's are related?
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