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Thread: 7mm-08 AI

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    7mm-08 AI

    Looks like i'm having my sako rebarreled as above just a few questions.

    For those that have this calibre;

    What weight Bullet do you use and what velocity do you get from what length barrel?

    I am looking to use 120 to 140's some sort of bonded bullet.

    Am i right in thinking its a 1:9.5 twist?


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    For goodness sake don't use the term 'heads' on here you will get your head shot off!

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    Why is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WARDY1 View Post
    Why is that?
    Because it is the wrong terminology. The "head" on a round is part of the case, ie. Headspace and Headstamp etc. Folks get very tetchy about it!

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    My ............... my that's a rather large calibre to get a head up the spout .

    Now then :-

    Am i right in thinking its a 1:9.5 twist?
    I believe my 7x57 has a 1 in 9" twist and shoots the 139's well.

    I am looking to use 120 to 140's some sort of bonded bullet.
    Hmmmm why the need for bonded bullets? However if you want to use them go ahead it's your money. I use 139 grain Hornady Spire points and this one was recovered after pentrating over 3 feet of Whitetail Buck:-

    Hornady 139 Grn BTSP launched at 2850fps from a 22" barrel.

    For those that have this calibre
    Well I have a 7mm calibre just not one chambered for the 7-08 of any type

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    Ok forgive my ignorance(techy buggers)

    Thank you for the replies.


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    I'm on my second 7mm-08, a Blaser with a 22.5" barrel and use 120 Gr B/Tips although I have also used both Sierra and Hornady in the same bullet weight. Both VARGET and RL 15 produce excellent accuracy and I load them at an average of 3,000 fps. The Nosler B/Tips are regarded as a bit fragile by some but I find them absolutely fine on Roe and Muntjac. I have also used them on occasional Sika with good results. If I was mainly shooting the larger species I would use the heavier 139/140 Gr offerings - Hornady 139 BT are very good. Out of interest why the AI chambering?



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    Thanks For the information.

    AI Because its available and a little more speed especially if using the 140's.


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    I doubt if you'll get much more speed from the AI. More speed is generally minimal unless you are strapped to slow powders and/or increase the barrel length. I've owned AI calibers from 220AI Swift to 30-06AI and got nothing in return for the efforts. Handloader (US) magazine did an article about increasing case capacity and it was found that velocity increased or decreased, percentage-wise, at 1/4 the increase in powder capacity. According to their findings, if you managed to squeeze in, say, 12% more powder you'd perhaps net 3% increase in velocity if all other things remained equal.

    As I have a Pressure Trace unit for measuring chamber pressures and pressure curves while the bullet travels the bore, I tend to think of things in relation to pressure, not velocity. In a given bore, pushing a given weight of projectile, it takes "X" amount of pressure to reach a given velocity. Plain physics. Now, if the pressure were reduced by increasing the volume of the case, the resulting velocity will drop in proportion to the increase of case capacity. So. We add powder to reach the previous pressure and attain the previous desired velocity. Ok. We just added powder to gain back what we lost which is Ok, I guess. But what if the cartridge was already loaded to maximum allowable pressures?? Can we add powder? Nope. Not safely. We need to change powders if we want more speed, or we need to follow Weatherby's play book and either free-bore the chamber (throat) and/or increase barrel length to add speed while keeping pressures at an allowable level.

    This all sucks to hear but it's the truth. My 30-06AI got no increase in velocity at all. Ackley once wrote that cartridges that are already operating at maximum efficiency, and pressures for the weapons they are chambered in, are poor candidates for Improving as little is gained. I tend to agree but that's JMHO. ~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post
    I've owned AI calibers from 220AI Swift to 30-06AI and got nothing in return for the efforts. ~Muir
    I am thinking of getting a 220AI Swift. Mainly because it is a little different and it is not a 22/250AI in your experience is this worthwhile or a waste of time? The gunsmith is trying to persuade me to go 22/250AI or maybe even 22BR.

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