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    Sako rail

    I have just picked up my new(ish) rifle. Its a Sako and very nice too. Didn't realises that the rail was narrower at the back than the front and my opti-locks from my old Tikka won't fit. I take it its simply a case of an order from Uttings to get me on my way. Don't want to damage my carbon footprint by over using the couriers. Any advice gratefully recieved.

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    EBAY........sako optilocj bases.....and then use your original rings which undo with an allen key


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    New bases i'm afraid if its seperate rings and bases or new completes,there are other alternatives available but the optiloks are pretty sound.
    ATB Neil

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    Thanks gents , and I found bases for a IV on the site and they are on their way and I'm all set then,thanks again.

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