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Thread: Lee Enfield Enforcer 762

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    Lee Enfield Enforcer 762

    Would be interested to hear from any members who have/had one of these rifles.
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    I have a Parker-Hale T4 , not the same , but close . With loads it likes , like Federal Match or my handloads , it's an amazingly accurate rifle . It's a bit heavy for hunting , but I have taken a White-Tail with it and quite a few coyotes . My uncle used to shoot matches in the UK with it . After the handgun ban he brought it over here and left it with me . It is now a family heirloom lol.


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    I have a T4 also. It was my first target-rifle, and at shorter ranges it was OK with hand-loads.
    I loaded 147gr FMJ S&B bullets to about 2750fps, more or less trying to mimic the 7.62NATO load it would have been intended for - with the result that the bullets go subsonic between 800 and 900yds, with resulting variable results at those and longer ranges.
    Nevertheless, I think it sensible not to overdo the loads, given the pressures it was originally designed for.

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    I had an Enforcer maybe 15-20 years ago when the police started to dispose of them. ('True' Enforcers are all onetime police rifles, some thousand or maybe a bit less made to a Home Office specification in a single order and distributed around the various constabularies in the 1960s.)

    At the time, I thought it a pretty accurate rifle and was very pleased with it (for targets), but standards have risen a great deal in 20 years and it likely wouldn't be top-rank today. The other thing is that they were bought up by the Tactical Comp / Practical Rifle people in a big way after the 1988 Amendment Act banned self-loading rifles and were usually shot to death in rapid-fire, high round count applications. As straight-pull AR-15s and a new generation of tactical / sniper rifles were adopted for these disciplines, the now elderly and much abused Enforcers were sold on yet again, usually cheaply.

    Unlike many Target Rifle discipline orientated lookalikes also fitted with heavy Enfield Lock manufactured target grade barrels, the Enforcers were designed to be magazine fed repeaters and had the necessary machining work carried out on the feed channels in the underside of the receiver. With a proper 7.62 magazine, they feed and eject nicely, whereas many other contemporary 7.62 Enfield models are single-shot only and the round jams twixt mag lips and chamber. These rifles are true 7.62s and the Enfield barrels were VERY tight, so if you have / find a low round count example they can generate pretty high chamber pressures with modern .308 win ammo. It is not recommended to use the NRA sourced RWS .308 155gn match ammo in these rifles, the potential pressures being right up at the safe limit for the rather weak No.4 Enfield action.

    In recent years, they've become collectable both here and in North America and prices have risen a lot, although I don't knopw how much barrel conditions affects the going rate. If it is shot out, Armalon Limited is making new hammer forged Enfield barrels to original specs for various Enfield models, so rebarrelling should be feasible.

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    I have used one, and owned one. Good rifle let down by the issue scope which was generally a Pecar. I suppose the real problem was the mounting system which relied on a front dovetail on the receiver and a rear dovetail which was a replacement for the rear sight. The scope was not self centering so you ha to live with the post and cross wire being off centre unless the armourer'was good wth brass shims. Replaced with the Steyr SSG which in turn was replaced by the AI AWP. We always used green spot ammo. I know of a few in collections. I sold mine some years ago for 150, 3 times more than I bought it for!

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