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Thread: My New Shooting Companion

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    My New Shooting Companion (Fox Red Labrador)

    Good Morning All

    Here is my new shooting companion. I have waited some time for a friend of mine to have a litter of pups and here is the one I got.

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    From the size of his paws at 13 week old he looks like he is going to be a big strong dog.

    I have got him as a peg dog for game shooting but with a bit of luck and training he maybe able to track a deer or two.
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    He's absolutely gorgeous. Lovely colour. Hope you have a lot of fun with him!
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    Stunning lad take it steady with his training. You will have a faithful pal all his life.

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    He's a bonny looking pup. Do you think he'll grow into his pasties/ paws?

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    He's lovely, hope he turns out to be a real cracker. ATB

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    I got my first Lab 13 months ago, she is firstly a family pet and secondly my picking up dog, she was given a partridge to play with when she was 4 months old, and then just played with. I know I have been incredibly lucky but she is absolutely bombproof, easy to train, has never worn a lead and only needs showing two or three times.

    Last Saturday I went beating and the shoot had been let down by their picker up - he'd double booked himself. I was asked to step in and explained that she was a pup who'd stood on my peg twice but I'd give it a go. She picked up at least 8 runners, retrieved perfectly and I reckon by the end of the day she'd picked 25% of the bag. Including 2 really good finds. I was like an 8 year old boy, which made 2 of us as my 8 year old son was with me! I honestly don't think Ive ever had as much fun and am hoping the picker up makes another double booking!

    Good luck with what looks to be a fine strong dog.

    NickClick image for larger version. 

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    Last week and 7 weeks old!

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    He's a wee cracker, I'm sure he'll find a deer or two for you!

    All lls the best with him.


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    Here we are with a bit of a update, he is now 6 1/2 months old and a absolute cracker. I haven't really done much with him as my mate where I got him from said not to rush him, and seen as he's helping me with the training I need to take note.

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    Such a proud and handsome dog to say I am chuffed to bits with him is a understatement
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    Nice looking dog!

    These three are all from the same litter, now 13 months old. My dog, Simba, is the closest. Cant wait to get him out in the field.

    Click image for larger version. 

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