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Thread: stalking syndicate - galloway

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    stalking syndicate - galloway

    Ok - you may know me under another name - rph 6.5 - but I'll be darned if I can get this to log me on so the wife has set up this account for me to post this! Damn technology. So I am legit - and have been on here for over a year.

    So the ground,

    In Galloway - 700 acres approx - mainly roe - DSC Level 1 needed + usual insurance. 2 places available. FC land. Total of 4 in syndicate including me. 350 per rifle - please pm me with your number if you would like further details. rph6.5

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    Galloway south west scotland
    P M on the way.


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    any places left if so could you send me details
    regards amaan

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    Looks like both places filled pls pm me your phone no and i will contact you if place is still available.regards Paul
    Quote Originally Posted by Amaan View Post
    any places left if so could you send me details
    regards amaan

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    galloway syndicate

    Thanks for all the interest place now filled.rph6.5

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