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    Big Fox

    I was at a driven hunt on Saturday and shot a fox that weighed in just shy of 14.5kg. I knew he was big but when I went to pick him up I knew that he was a bit of monster. Visibility was down to 30m and he wasn't moving particularly fast. I shot him with buck shot from 20m and he just dropped without a whimper. I wanted to get him prepared but the war office would only allow the tail! Here he is!
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    Have you any other pictures this one doesn't show the fox too well
    14.5kg that's a good size fox

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    Here it is beside a roe doe. Should give some degree of perspective
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    Good sized fox, not sure I'd be letting him ride with my burgers though!!!!
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    There was 5 came off the estate at the back of me over the weekend they must be moving around and pairing up now

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