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Thread: A true champion gsp

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    A True Champion Gsp


    This superb male is the only male GSP in Hungary to have passed all the working tests with a first class grade.

    KV-I (Hunting Ability Test) ŐTV-I (Field-Water Exam), MiVV-I (All-round
    Hunting Exam) NVV-I (20 hours blood tracking exam) , IKP-I
    (Internationale Kurzhaar Prüfung), KS (Kurzhaar Sieger - Dr. Kleemann
    exam). Dysplasia: HD free.
    He is one of the most successful male GSPs in Hungary.
    His titles include
    Hungarian Junior Champion, Hungarian Champion, Serbian Champion,
    Champion of Romania, Champion of Slovenia, and Inter champion (CIB) . On
    the World Dog Show of 2013 he was excellent 3 in open class. Derby
    Winner 2011, Champion of Champions 2012, Club winner 2012, Club winner2014.
    He is 66 cm tall and his weight is 35-37 kg.
    He has great hunting
    passion and is very obedient, he also has a superb temperament and a willingness to please

    As you can see by the above results a very successful dog.In the right hands this 4 YR old dog has a great future ahead of it, not only for the trialling field but also for stud work.

    His price is 16000 Euro
    All paper work for the above exam results is available.

    Attachment 49581 Attachment 49582 Attachment 49583

    This superb GSP will only be available to a particular client. One who is interested in taking his career forward
    This is a once in a life time dog

    To ensure that enquiries are dealt with in the strictest confidence please PM or email us


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    I will be first to "POINT" out the set in stone rule that you must list a price and don't be naughty like someone earlier and raise the asking price once interest is stirred....

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    what is his name and breeding?

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