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Thread: Good Service From Zeiss

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    Good Service From Zeiss

    I contacted Zeiss USA about purchasing a scope lens cover recently, explaining that my original set was lying somewhere in the Custer National Forest. About 4 days later, I got an email stating that they were shipping me a set free of charge. Other places were asking as much as $40 for a Zeiss-made scope cover. Thanks to Zeiss.~Muir

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    Zeiss seem to be like that.


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    Must give Zeiss uk a call as the mates dog had a really good chew on my covers

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    Sent them an email asking for a price on replacement covers for one of my scopes. Heard nothing but then received a new pair in the post the following day free of charge. Cant get better than that.

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    The funny thing is that after not hearing from Zeiss right off I found a place that had them for $20 a set so I ordered two of them, along with a pair of turret caps. The weird part is that the place that had them was a photography shop in New York City! (The non-gun capitol of the US) Now I will have three set of covers insuring that I will from now on not be able to lose one if I tried! ~Muir

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