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Thread: Picatinny rail for Tikka 595

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    Picatinny rail for Tikka 595

    Hi, looking for one of the above 0Moa, black .... EGW?... Thanks

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    Or third eye tactical

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    If you don't need a full rail you could go for a pair of Weaver bases with the same profile as the Pic'ntin. Cheap option that works well without leaving so many sharp corners to catch on stuff.
    I have a pair on my Tikka M55 carrying my IOR scope - works just fine. Also used them on my M595 243 with no problems.


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    I agree with Yorric, go for either a pair of Weaver S61 Grand Slam bases (part #48234) or Burris XTB bases (sorry don't have a part number to hand). Both are steel, can be bought in the UK retail and you will find either of them FAR SUPERIOR to the EGW rail in my experience. I have Weaver bases on several M595s and can swap scopes around, take them off for travelling in airline cases etc. and put them back on with pretty much nil change in point of impact (less than 1/4 moa) - one rifle has several scopes that get put on it depending on what it is being used for and I never have to bother about the zero.

    By contrast I have one M595 that has got an EGW rail on it - this is aluminium that has been anodised. The rail is an inclined one and I got it because I wanted to be able to use the rifle with two scopes - one set up for short range stuff, the other gets me out to 1200 yards. I no longer swap scopes on this rail as experience has shown the POI can be way off when I return a previously zeroed scope to it. I've got a Weaver base than has been skimmed to provide 20moa elevation and when I get the time over the winter will be removing the EGW and replacing it with the Weaver ready for next spring on the ranges.

    just to make the point, if you've not already guessed, I actually have a spare unused 0moa EGW rail for a M595 sat in one of my parts trays in the man cave but I will not even give it away to you I rate them so poorly.


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    Don't know why my post was removed from yesterday but.....
    have an Egw 0moa in black that is brand new unopened in package with screws that is surplus

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    Try Alan Rhone brilliant service and very good quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Long Carabine View Post
    Try Alan Rhone brilliant service and very good quality.

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    Thank you all for the offers & Input. "I have just ordered a pair of Burris XTR bases for this 595" ... Reason being I have a Z6 In leupold QRW mounts on a Sauer 202, I rarely use the SaŻer so can now 'Borrow' the scope either long or short term ... That's the plan anyway! .... Thanks again ... Mark

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