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Thread: Bullet drop for a 6.5 x 55

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    Bullet drop for a 6.5 x 55

    Re-zeroed my tikka t3 6.5. x 55 yesterday with some Federal Ammo.

    At 100 yds it was spot on with 3 shots covered by a 10p coin. Moved the target out to 165 yds and the groups was just under 1 1/2 inches but I was surprised the bullet dropped so much. It was 3 inched below point of aim. so at 200 yds I'd be guessing at a bullet drop of 5 inches.

    Is this normal for the 6.5 x 55, or is this due to the lightly loaded Federals that I have head about?



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    Just a quick take on this, I reckon you are probably a little light on fuel! Steve.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    I guess you were using 140gn's? if so that's about what i'd expect.
    a 150yd zero was 1.5" high @100 and about 2.5 low at 200.
    now i reload with 129gn sst's and it's a lot flatter. tomorrow i'm of to Brock Norris to buy a box of 120gn sierras as i loaded a few of these last week with a near max load of N160 and i was amazed how flat they were.


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    Yep, 140grainers. No complains with the accuracy, just seem a little loopy.

    Am just in the process of buying my reloading gear and was going to move to the 120 grain Scierra's infront of some N160.

    What sort of figures were you getting?



    p.s. what should i be paying for the 120 g Scierras? Are they boat tails?

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    If you shoot at modest ranges go for a 150yrd zero with the federals. That gives a POI an inch high at 100yrds and 3inches low at 200yrds.A 200 yard zero will give a POI of 2-2.5 inches high between 80 and 150yrds.

    The trajectory of a 6.5x55 is a bit bowed beyond 200m so get a rangefinder and stick a wee laminated trajectory table to your rifle butt....or buy a 270/25-06/3006/etc etc


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    All your answers were on Federal's website.

    With a 100 yard zero they are 5" low at 200M. ~Muir

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    thanks chaps.

    How much of the loopy characteristics have people been able to dial out with reloading?



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    i have recently changed to rws 140grn they seem to be that wee bit flatter

    but with a z6 bt scope it doesnt make very much odds

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    My 6.5x55 has only abut 21" of barrel, and after being surprised by the 200yds drop compared to the manufacturers' data I chronographed a number of loads and got another series of surprises!

    Armed with my actual MV figures, rather than the manufacturers' ones which are measured from barrels 24-29" long, I was able to work out more accurate trajectories.

    They are rather loopy, of course, but no bullet is gravity-expempt and as long as you know where it's going it works fine.

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    If you zero at 200 yards then the difference in trajectory between a 100g and 140g bullet, out to say 300 yards, is not that significant with regard to hunting ammunition for deer.You will need to know hold-over/click adjustments for any bullet at ranges over 225 yards so I would find a bullet that kills well and is accurate then spend some time on the range with it.


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