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Thread: New loads for .270 using H4350

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    New loads for .270 using H4350

    I am about to load up 130 gr Nosler partitons and Prohunters with test loads using H4350.
    the range will be 51-54 grs.
    I was wondering if anybody had already used this combo here and what did they find.
    I would be interested after the tests to see what other people found re H4350
    I find that so far H4350 towards the max never groups that well but min range is very good in the .270 .243,30-06
    I do understand that all rifles are different but this powder is the same in all the rifles I load for.


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    Smithy, try some H4831 around 59 grains 130/ 135 grain bullets
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    Have always preferred 57/58gr of Re22 for 130gr. Now I use the same with magnum primers and the burn is a lot cleaner with (for my rifle) no obvious pressure issues.

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    Since the Reloading Referendum only offers alternative suggestions to H-4350 I'll add that I used this powder with mine and 130's many years back. Your loads are within the acceptable recommended range. You should be fine. ~Muir

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    Barnes list in their No 4 manual, 52 to 55gr for their 130 TSX and 51 to 54gr for the 140 TSX, I found 53gr gave me ragged one shot holes, they list it as the most accurate powder tested, 57gr H4831 again in my 202 very accurate, hits hard and gentle on the barrel. deerwarden

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