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Thread: Caught up with him at last!!!

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    Caught up with him at last!!!

    At this time of year you can get out stalking at not horrible o'clock in the morning. Friend whose ground I stalk wants his freezer filling so there's me at 7.30 am out in the woods as the drizzle turns from dark drizzle to slightly lighter.

    After ee about half an hour of quietly working the edge of the wood a ghostly shape appears about 50yds ahead. It's a deer - pretty solid looking so more of a buck than a doe. A bit of a fence between me and it. He then and saunters off waggling his backside clearly showing me he is the big buck I tried to catch up with earlier in the year.

    Needless to say not a doe in sight.

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    no doubt you will see him a few more times in the doe season they must know.

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    I thought you gave him a pass in the summer after a sudden rush of blood to the heart?

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