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Thread: 22 lr ammunition

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    22 lr ammunition

    I recently purchased a new sako quad rifle and im having problems with ammo.
    After a few shots the lube from the ammo is building up in the chamber and the rifle wont extract the empty cases.
    The stuck cases are quite difficult to remove compared to inserting a clean case in a clean barrel and removing it again.
    Im using cci standard velocity target and winchester subs.
    If I clean the barrel everything is fine for 5 to 10 shots then they stick again.
    Today I cleaned the lube from 100 rounds and shot them, I only had 1 case fail to extract.
    Are there any subsonic hunting or target rounds available without lube ?
    Its a bit of a pain having to clean bullets before I go shooting.

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    Eley subs have very little lube on them so these might work well for you.

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    Tight chamber with short freebore, sticky rounds, an extractor claw designed for two rim sizes all combine to produce this issue
    it can be resolved easily

    Sako Quad Extractor claw modification

    i also find CCI ammo very tight and stopped using them
    win subs cycle perfectly now

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    Bewsher is right that CCI tends to be snug and most noticeable on CZ rifles which struggle to chamber them. I am finding a lot of my customers are moving away from lube coated 22rf to CCI MiniMag. These are a shorter round which are copper washed instead and originally developed for the AR15 style which are highly sensitive to jams through lube contamination. These rounds however are also available in hollow point and I have one customer who uses a SAKO Quad and will now use nothing else. Might be worth a try to see if your rifle likes them.

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    Federal ammuntion is sized a bit smaller, for tight chambers, just as is Eley.
    Some rifles have tight chambers, to match dimensions, and not just fine bolt action rifles. The S&W M&P 15-22 is the same...loves cheap blue box Federal.

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    Not had any problem with CCI segmented or CCI standard subs - my BRNO#2 loves them!
    Remmington were a different matter - loads of sticky lube on them,(and not very accurate either) so stopped using them.
    Both Eley and Winchester had less lube on them than the CCI, but neither were as accurate as the CCI, so for me it's CCI everytime.

    But I guess every rifle has its favourites, and every batch of ammo may be a bit different.

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    I have a 10/22 with a SYSS match barrel, it is also tight chambered and can fail to extract unfired rounds, I have tried all sorts of ammo for accuracy/extraction, Eley subs are great, I also find SK standard plus ammo to be brilliant for target/practice, they are made by Lapua but are only about 7 quid per hundred! Fantastic value.

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