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Thread: Burgled! CCTV & Alarm recommendations please

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    Burgled! CCTV & Alarm recommendations please

    On vacation when my brother called to inform us of a break into our home. My first question was the gun cabinet in the loft & he said its untouched as the door is still locked & the loft door shut. Luckily I placed all our small valuables in the cabinet just before we left, don't know exactly what has been taken & not planning to cut the vacation short as my brother (lucky to have one) secured the door & dealt with the police feronsic investigation... The outside solar siren didn't go off as the battery was low/not charging & the nieghbers didn't hear anything. Looking to purchase an Alarm & CCTV package, wondering if anyone would recommend a specific kit as there are lots of them out there. Budget up to £400 max. The ******* must have known we are away but didn't have enough time as the inside siren was going & he only checked & pulled a few drawers... He even opened a Vodafone package thinking it's a phone but it was only an iPhone case that was delivered!
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    The best burglar deterrent is from Germany.
    Wire coat, 70lb, a face full of ivory and dosnt like being disturbed during the night

    On a serious note. . It's terribly upsetting having some junkie wankshaft going through your home.
    I notice your in South London, however I found one of the most common methods of entry in North London, after unsecured doors and windows, was house and car keys left hanging close to the door and easily hooked through the letterbox with a short cane.. . Was very common.
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    Doubt if a CCTV/alarm package would have helped as it looks like a smash and grab. Police wouldn't be able to respond quick enough and neighbours usually just phone and stay inside.
    The f'ers did the same at my Garden Machinery shop and I had my mate on the scene inside of 10 mins of the alarm triggering.
    I don't know what to suggest other than getting a house sitter.
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    My sympathies, I know just what it is like. Whatever you do CCTV/alarm wise these need to go off before the intruder gains entry, not during or after. Don't rely on these measures alone, ask yourself how you would gain entry to your property without keys, particularly if you wern't bothered about damage, you may spot the weak spots in your security. Most criminals around here seem to use a 10" screwdriver to break in, hope this helps.

    atb Tim

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    I went with ADT. It's a police monitored system. I may have paid a small install charge (£200 comes to mind) and there is a monitoring cost monthly but it gives me peace of mind. It's fully maintained by ADT too.
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    Take a look at the Cammy website..

    Cheap units that record everything and you can download the app to your phone to take a look..
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    I have an ADT monitored system. The ID number which will be passed to police if the alarm is activated has a firearms marker with it. This means it gets a priority grade 1 police response.

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    For those like myself who live in the country they are a total waste of time. I have one installed but if it was triggered, it would take at least five minutes before anyone even bothered to have a look, a phone call to the police with probably a five minute wait before anyone answered. They then have to get a call out to a patrol and I would estimate it would be at least a quarter of an hour before they arrived and found my place. So overall it would be at least half an hour before anyone arrived and that's probably a conservative estimate.
    I have had a few break ins over the years and with one exception no one was ever caught, and that was because they went somewhere else and got caught there. Sadly. for country dwellers you've little chance of doing much to protect your property unless you stay home all the time. If they want to get in, they will.

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    swann diy day/night and you can watch with your phone etc , best would be adt as police ! even being a firearms holder won't attend your alarm unless they are called !!! then it won't be blue'sand two's unless they are called by some one who knows what's what, i know this first hand on out buildings 3hrs after i called them when i turned off the alarm and saw the damage

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    Take a look at Buythis - Electronics, CCTV and Security Products

    There is currently a super offer for a samsung DVR for under £100...!
    a few day/night cameras and you will have a nice system
    p.s always buy branded when it comes to CCTV.....

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