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Thread: Compact Binoculars around 50

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    Compact Binoculars around 50

    Had a few cheap (circa 20 and less) binos over the years but all have been crap. Recently bought myself some Minox BVs and am mega impressed. Now my old dear wants to buy my Dad a pair of compact binos to be left in the car glove box (not when its baking in the car though). The Minox are too big and too pricey for what she wants.

    Can anyone recommend a cheap, but still acceptable, pair of small binos, something like 8x20.

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    You should know that all cheap binos (circa 50 and less) are all crap !! Your Dad deserves better

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    Why dont you just cable tie two milk bottles together then paint them matte green?

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    A bit overbudget, karl, but these are about the best of the inexpensive compacts, nice wide view :

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    At that price point, either clearance items or secondhand would be my advice.


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    tis black friday tomoz ,ang fire n im sure your email in box will be as full of offers as a politicians expense account.theres sooo many deals

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    My swaros are still for sale. 8x20
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    My swaros are still for sale. 8x20
    Tony, if they are fifty quid, I'll take them mate.

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    A bit dearer but good value.
    Cheers Ted.

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    Go to a junk shop and get a second hand pair in a nice leather case, got a pair of Leica bino,s 30.00

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