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Thread: My First Roe

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    My First Roe

    Hi all,

    I shot my first roe this morning after about 4 blank outings. The land is only small and is used as a livery but so far i have observed at least 3 groups of Deer travelling across it. My .308 homeload dropped it on the spot at 90 yards, the time was 7.15am and I had it gralloched, skinned and hung in the chiller (old fridge freezer) by 12pm! Not bad for a first attempt!
    The biggest lesson I have learned from today is the importance of good shot placement, not only to acheive a clean kill but also it makes the gralloch a whole lot easier. Also to make allowances for the angle of entry as although the deer may look like it standing perfectly broadside it may be canting slightly.

    Can,t wait for the Buck season!

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    Nice one mate hope its the first of many for you........

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    Congrats on your first roe fella..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Well done on your first roe Ghurka,

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    well done mate, hope its the first of many

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    Well done, the first of many I hope.

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    Well done chap,grand feeling getting the first one under your belt isn't it.
    ATB Neil

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    Thanks All,

    Yes its a great feeling of achievement, especially after all the waiting, crouching and bellycrawling I have done over the past month or so trying to get on to one! I can see myself getting addicted to this....


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