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Thread: Firearms fees proposals

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    Firearms fees proposals

    BASC welcomes evidence-based firearms fees proposals

    Government proposals to increase the fee for the grant of a shotgun certificate from 50 to 79.50 with proportionate increases in other licensing fees have been welcomed as fair by the UK’s largest shooting organisation, the BritishAssociation for Shooting and Conservation (BASC).

    If agreed these will be the first increases in fees for 13 years.

    The proposals are contained in a consultation published today and originated in the work of a Home Office working group which included BASC, the British Shooting Sports Council and the police.

    The fee for a shotgun renewal would rise to 49, for the grant of a firearm certificate to 88 and for renewal of firearms certificates to 62. Variations on firearms certificates would be reduced to 20. Coterminous certificates, where both shotgun and firearm certificates are dealt with at the same time would be 90 and then 65 on renewal.

    Initial police proposals were for a rise in shotgun certificate fees from 50 to 109.BASC rejected this and asked for the component parts of the licensing system to be fully costed and examined in accordance with the principles of better regulation and Treasury guidelines and taking into account the police move to e-commerce for firearms licensing.

    BASC chairman Alan Jarrett said: “We welcome the government’s initiative to involve stakeholders and do the job properly. Those who shoot can have confidence that they are paying a fair price for their certificate which has been decided after a rigorous process founded on solid evidence. We hope to see this proposal implemented after the consultation. I would urge everyone who shoots to make their views known in the Home Office online consultation.”

    BASC chief executive Richard Ali said: “I congratulate the Home Office for ensuring that the full process complied with Treasury guidelines and with the principles of better regulation introduced under the last government and built on by this.”

    GeoffreyClifton-Brown MP. Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Shooting and Conservation, who worked closely with the Home Office on this issue, said:“I believe this is a good result for all sections of the shooting community. It provides a fair basis for fee levels in the future. Under these proposals the police are committed to achieving a cost-effective and consistent service across 42 constabularies. This is a good example of the All-Party Group workingwith BASC and the other shooting organisations, the police and the Home Office to produce an acceptable result and one which protects the shooting community forthe future.”

    The consultation can be viewed here:

    Please take part in the consultation, we have 4 weeks until it closes

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    Do we get better service in exchange for this fee increase where all flds sing from the same hymn sheet and make it up as they go along or just the same crap we have to put up with now ?
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Completed survey. Suggested there is a breakdown of cost rather than an arbitrary increase proposal. Also suggested there might be better support for these price increases if the licensing offices are bound by performance targets like everyone else ie. expected time for license issue etc. as well as a consistent approach to their issue.

    Should add that now this is in the spotlight I fully expect to see an annual increase in licensing for our sport - cynical perhaps?

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    It's worth completing the survey to have an input and also to show that all FAC and SGC holders aren't rich toffs or farmers

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    Yes a key point of this, and one that BASC has pushed very hard indeed, is that there must be an improvement in efficiency and consistency.

    Remember by the way that Labour have again said this week that they want to put fees up to over 200! This is our opportunity to keep fees to a reasonable level.


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    I think most of us would agree that as it has been a long time since a rise in fees the moderate increase is actually quite reasonable. Compared to the rise in the cost of reloading consumables it's fine by me!

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    Agreed, Paul. (Although I don't reload, if we extend your comment to include cost of guns, barrels, ammunition, fuel and all the other accessories that go along with shooting.)

    The cost of a coterminous certificate is proposed at 65 for five years. 11 per year for a license? A fraction of the cost of the BBC license which is a lot less important to me.

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    Fees are going to rise, that is inevitable, but we must be able to ask for an improvement in service and for standards to be set eg turn around times on grants, variations etc.
    Hopefully the involvement of the likes of BASC in the discussions will counterbalance or negate the input form the antis who simply want fees to be used to discourage gun ownership in the UK.
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    IIRC the Firearms Act and Certificate requirements are there to protect the Public.
    That being the case, the cost of the system should come from the Public Purse and not be a burden on shooters who are a relatively small community and are, I feel, being taxed unfairly(for that's what it is) as well as otherwise generally messed about unfairly with little recourse and no representation.

    It's all part of the Home Office (or whatever it's called these days) Policy to remove all firearms from civilian hands by whatever means. Do I need to quote examples such as pistols, self loading rifles, expanding bullets, lead shot, etc, etc, etc.

    The nitwits proposing this unwarranted increase should be told to go away, get their house in order and give the service for which they are being paid.

    It is my considered opinion that, BASC and all other concerned organisations should NOT be agreeing to any changes but should refuse to envisage any such changes whatsoever and, moreover, use legal action, if necessary to prevent it. What are we paying our subscriptions for, certainly not for such organisations to cow tow every time, to those who would do us down.

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    How much do you pay for your passport? Your license to drive a car? License to fish the river?

    Seriously, is there a single firearms owner out there who will say "Now that the renewal is going up by literally pounds per year, I am going to give up my guns" ?

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