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Thread: .22wmr/.17hmr moderate or not?

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    .22wmr/.17hmr moderate or not?

    Just curious if you guys who shoot .22WMR or .17HMR bother with moderators?

    I'm going to have my desmond shortened and re-threaded to about 16" (from 21") and have a SAK mod currently but have been pondering whether to even bother with a mod. Or maybe look around for an over the barrel/reflex style rimfire mod to keep it as short as possible. My mate shoots .17hmr and is thinking along the same lines as they are hardly silent even with a mod on and both rifles are long with mods currently!!


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    Why would you not? Think of your hearing as well as ease of handling - plus others when you're blasting away in the dead of night...!!
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    I can't think of a good reason not to. A good moderator takes a worthwhile amount of noise away. I have been using a Swift Nightingale (reflex) mod on my .17hmr for the past few years and after thousands or rounds in all weathers it still looks like new.

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    I shoot. 22wmr it is worth doing. Helps with night shooting and getting more than 1 shot on a bunch of rabbits! I use a hogan mod on my CZ455.

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    Definitely a mod with the HMR. Makes a wicked boom otherwise, totally unexpectedly loud given the calibre.
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    Have you actually SHOT a .17HMR without a moderator? I do it about once a year just to remind myself of WHY it is essential. Even a cheap mod makes a big difference, IMO.
    I am also with Erik the Red on this: it is pretty anti-social firing off a lot of .17HMR rounds unmoderated. And it is not as though the mod is a huge over the barrel job (is it?).
    One last thought: will you ALWAYS hereafter shoot with ear defenders? If not, heaven help your hearing.

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    Just to clear things up a bit (maybe my OP was not very well worded!) I don't shoot hmr but have the wmr and so far have always used the SAK mod, as has my mate who DOES shoot hmr. I was asking if anyone else doesn't bother but it seems it's a no brainer! I can't remember ever firing mine without the mod on so i'll give it a go to see the difference! (With defenders obviously!)

    So onto the next questions are over the barrel mods worth the money, ie, DM80 and if you have a short barrelled rimfire how far did you chop still maintaining good accuracy. Is it all down to the quality of the crown as per CF rifles,

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    I had considered not bothering with a mod on my hmr , as it has a 22" barrel, that is, until I tried it without one. Those small cartridges make a lot of noise for their size. I would assume that the wmr would be similar. I'd definitely recommend ear defenders.

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    I use a PES/MAE T12 scout on my WMR. (overbarrel 3-4" protrusion IIRC)
    makes a big difference to the noise and allows me to shoot without plugs
    Wouldn't shoot it unmoderated as I am use it in urban environs and don't want to have to keep putting ear muffs one of plugs in

    mine is a full length barrel which I am loathed to chop but I can see the attraction as I have a 12.5" .22lr

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    That's quite a big mod isn't it mate? Isn't it front heavy being a CF mod? I have a T8 reflex on my stalking rifles and never considered using it on my WMR even though it's screwcut the same!
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