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Thread: Wildcat Predator 8

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    Wildcat Predator 8

    As above is for sale. In good working order, looks a bit tired as it's had a neoprene cover glued on and it's not all totally cleaned off. Only been used for stalking, so more walking then shooting!
    Proofed, rear bush present, 30 cal and on a m14 thread.

    85 F2F

    If it makes a difference I can get it sent RFD to RFD, at purchasers cost.
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    hi mate,not sure if my pm was old is it,shot count(approx.) and do you have a pic or two so I can see condition please..

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    Still available, Dazz has a mod to sell before he's in the market.

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    Please check your pm box, pm sent.

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    Is this still available?

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