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Thread: Hardox targets

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    Hardox targets

    More gongs for sale

    Hello all

    I have for sale 10mm 450 HARDOX steel gongs . I have made up 4 packages.
    2 are complete with gongs, chain and shackles the other just gongs .

    The 1st package is for two gongs a 135mm (5 1/4") & 75mm (2 7/8") 2 x lengths of 18" long link chain (6mm x 40mm) and 4 D shackles ------------50 including P&P
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20141127_202634.jpg 
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    The 2nd is for just the two gongs 135mm (5 1/4") & 75mm (2 7/8") -----------31 including P&P

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20141127_210324.jpg 
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    No more 6" gongs left

    3rd package 155mm (6") & 75mm (2 7/8") with chains and shackles ------50 including P&P

    4th package Same as above but gongs only ----31 Including P&P

    450 HARDOX steel has great wear and abrasion properties which makes is absolutely outstanding for shooting targets . I have gone for the two diameter sizes to offer easier or more challenging target size to the shooter.

    What i like about gong shooting is on impact you will will see the bullet "splash" mark then also get a visual confirmation of the hit by seeing the target move and lastly hear the audible impact "ping".

    These targets are light enough to carry into the field in a backpack or even a coat pocket.

    Below is my own 450 HARDOX 10mm target this has received hundreds of hits from rounds
    ( 204, 243,7mm-08 & 308 ) as you can see the target has got some surface dimpling . HARDOX steel will dimple and crater on impact if hit at high enough speeds nearly all this is from my .204 (4000fps) shot at 100m with multiple hits in the same spot . As the picture show the dimpling is very shallow.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20141127_194523.jpg 
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ID:	49644Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20141127_194503.jpg 
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    I have found my 243,7mm-08 & 308 at ranges of 150m plus do not mark the target only a bullet splash mark removing the paint I personally use line marker paint for the targets as its relatively cheap and fast drying .

    I always have my targets free swinging and this prolongs the target life and more importantly will direct disintegrated bullet fragments downwards towards the ground .

    These targets will last a very long time they will take many many hundreds if not many thousands of rounds at sensible ranges (100m plus)

    If you are interested in the complete package but want longer chains that's no problem drop me a PM .

    I accept Paypal or Bacs please drop me a PM or reply to the thread and i'll get back to you

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    I'll take the 1st package please which has the gongs, chain and D-link for the advertisde price.

    Can you PM me details for payment.


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    i would like your second package please Griffshrek
    Pm me your details for payment please

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    If either of these deals fall through, I'd be interested

    Edit: Thanks for the PM Neil, payment and PM sent
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    Sorry gents I didn't explain myself too well I have several of these items up for sale .....plenty for all

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    Il take a second package. PM me your paypal details and Il make the payment tonight or tomorrow.


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    What happens when the chain takes a hit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaothead View Post
    What happens when the chain takes a hit?
    Probably breaks, simple answer, don't miss the plate
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    PM sent - package 1 please !

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