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Thread: Digital over ear protection

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    Digital over ear protection

    seem to be a gazillion options and priced from 50-300!

    what do people use and what is good?

    love the idea of CENS hunters but at 600 its a bit rich for my blood

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    Got a brand new pair of MSA Supreme Pro-X here which I find the ear-cups just a bit too small on. You're welcome to borrow them & see how you get on with them as I only use them in the summer on the range. They are very good (especially in the wind), just a bit snug for me. When I'm moving around I prefer a lighter, slimmer option. In Edinburgh most days.

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    I use MSA also I didn't experience the problems that McKenzie had but that's not to say hes wrong and its kind of him to offer you the loan of them.
    I fine them great and use them whilst woodland stalking.

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    I use Peltors, they're comfortable and work well. Not sure on price as I use them at work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nun_hunter View Post
    I use Peltors, they're comfortable and work well. Not sure on price as I use them at work.
    Plus one on the peltors, nice and comfy once your used to them


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    Yep. Used Peltor for years and superb cans. Shop around for prices though as I have seen them range from 85 to 130. Battery life is great and they are comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time

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    I wear the Deben slimline ones. Happy all day and nice and warm in winter.


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    MSA Sordin for me. With the gel ear pads/seals they are really comfy!
    I tried the Peltor but found they clonked the stock (shotgun) each time I put the gun up, so moved them on.
    Starbucks. It's not my cup of tea.

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    I use the Peltor Pro Tac II at the range - very good (tried the Sport Tac which i found ok for shotguns, but not enough sound attenuation for me when it comes to rifles).

    PPE Safety Solutions3M Europe

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    +1 on the Peltor Pro Tac II for same reasons as JabilHunter. Best price I found was on eBay, from where I purchased.

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