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Thread: Clean Buck

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    Clean Buck

    Saw my first totaly clean buck last evening,hows everyone elses coming along.

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    Still in velvet here in Berks/Oxon. I've seen three or four cracking bucks....


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    He was a big boy Willie,a nice one for here,i only now of one thats bigger but i haven't seen him for three weeks now expect he may have shed by now also.

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    Nothing even starting to clean in this area yet, but might by on the east coast Fife in particular aways seems to have Bucks clean early.

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    thats quite strange, you would expect it would take longer for them to be clean because of the hard winter we've had. But it really depends on where you are. Here in bonnie Scotland I reckon it won't be till mid/late-April i'll seeing most bucks clean, maybe the odd one before that.


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    We've been exceptionally lucky here i guess,no snow to speak of only one day when it settled and that was only a dusting,the does are now carrying well developed young to the point that i shalln't take any more now, just picking off a few kids for the minute.Saw a pair of younger bucks last week and they were half way shed.

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    Brent, yes its strange I have a mate in Fife and he always sees bucks clean earlier than I do, like you I don't expect to see anything clean before mid April. now as to why they should clean earlier on the east coast I have no idea, as they have much colder weather than we get further west, I all-so stalk on an island that sits in the gulf stream very seldom gets frost and they don't clean any earlier.

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    Saw a buck this morning here in east lothian and it was clean

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    I wonder if genetic diversity plays a part in it as populations become established and isolated,its strange how roe from different areas show such a great range of varying antler shape,just a thought.

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    On friday morning I saw a Buck that was nearly clean East of Dundee. It was the only one of about 8 seen. Assuming that they will be invisible from 1 April onwards!!

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