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Thread: Items sold in classifieds

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    Items sold in classifieds

    Please if you have sold an item can you mark them as sold not in the thread but using the tool bar thingy got on a couple of items today read through about to scroll down and buy only to see sold on the last input to the thread a bit of a waste of my valuable time lol

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    I agree with Norma and have often thought about bringing this up but when I have come across it but thought it make me seem a bit too much of the 'Classroom Monitor'

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    Eddy at over 3,000 posts each I guess this situation has arisen for both of us more than a couple of times it's not a dig at SD members as some probably just don't know !
    Cheers Norma

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    I guess it also makes it easier for the moderators on the site to clear out old posts without having to open them up.

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    Yep totally agree with Norma


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    Thank Christ somebody posted this it's been a pet hate of mine for a while!! Even worse than the popcorn emoticon!
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    I've also noted a couple of Wanted posts as well that are no longer wanted but you don't find out until you get to the last post !!

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    Another wee pet hate is when people post on adds when they are not even interested in the item for sale


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