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    Red face Pinmore Stalk

    1RSMOR and Myself,Eeyan, went all the way to Pinmore between Girvin and Barr village, stayed at Braefoot and tony took us out thursday evening to zero our set up's, next morning after a night of torrential effing rain we started out, with not much hope on my part I have to say, I drew the short straw and got the high seat, I was so lucky I got loads, loads of effing rain driven at me for three solid hours,
    1RSMOR was not subjected to any of this, lucky bugger that he is, anyway as the morning session was almost over he and Tony brought home the venison in the form of a beautiful Red Hind, after Tony had done the necessary and we loaded up we returned for breakfast, in the afternoon session 1RSMOR got to warm the high seat while Tony and I stalked the by now lovely sunsoaked hillside's around Barr village we saw two nice Roe's, a Doe and yearling, the light being what it was and the position I was standing they were gone very quickly, what a great time though, well done to 1RSMOR bagging his first deer, with his first shot, on his first outing, with his new set up, wish it were me though, great time was had to say the least.
    We stayed at Braefoot cottage b&b with Tony and Donna food fantastic and rooms great could not ask for better.
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