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Thread: Harris bipod - how to attachi to a Sauer synthetic stock?

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    Harris bipod - how to attachi to a Sauer synthetic stock?

    Looks like I need an adaptor (#2 for 10 looks like the one) to fit my bipod onto the stock.
    Is this the right adaptor and how easy is it to do the job without it looking like the fore-end has been chewed by my dog?
    i assume it is drilled then glued in place - what's the best glue?

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    That looks like what was used on my synthetic stock Sauer. Any of the expoxy resin glues will do, araldite or the like. Not sure glue was used on mine though


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    I don't know exactly what material the synthetic stocks are made from, but be aware that epoxy does not stick to plastic.

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    When I put a stud on mine (well the gunsmith) He drilled the hole through and then put a small piece of shaped and tapped steel inside the stock so it is not reliant on the stock for fixing. It works well and is a tidy job, if you have the ability and big files, I would recommend it.


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    Also be very careful on placement of the stud on a 202 as I have heard of them being too far forwards and the weight of the barrel makes the barrel touch the stock and it ruins accuracy.

    I could never bring myself to drill into my Sauer and so my bino's had a hard life as a rest!

    I always look out for a second hand fore end but Sauer stocks just seem to be ridiculously priced.



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    It's a pretty straightforward affair, I put a stud on my 202 a few of years ago. There is a nice moulding line up the centre of the forend to use as a guide, drill a hole, nip up the nut using a washer to stop it trying to pull through, a blob of silicone sealant or thread lock on the nut to stop it working loose a good un.
    Good luck.

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    I also never could bring myself to trill in the nice wood so I bought an extra synthetic stock and had a gunsmith drill and put a bolt and nut in the forend with a drop of will last a lifetime

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    202 or 101?

    202 as described above and can be tricky - if in any doubt etc.

    101 - make sure you have a 9mm socket or stock removal will prove fraught! With the stock off, you will find that Sauer actually have a blanking point moulded into the stock. There seem to be two versions - I honestly dont know if its a case of mark 1 and 2 or both types occur depending upon the mould set used.

    The first works well with either a Harris adapter either No2A or ( if you are able/ happy to trim as required and can get it ) the No 8 or short threaded screw type stud. The Mark 2 seems better with the threaded screw type stud. If your hand/ eye cordination is good, then you can free hand drill it quite relaiable. Though for some reason doing that to a 1300 rifle can cause sweating... The stock is angled, so whilst a pillar drill takes a lot of worry out of it, care is needed that you get things set up right.

    Depending upon your stud and drill types, I tend to drill a shallow 'counter sink' first, then the pilot hole. Araldite seems to work fine, but I tend to have Devcon to hand in any event so use that and dress the inside area.

    Several dozen 101's so treated and ( oh boy tempting fate.... ) no failures yet.
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    Hi all, many thanks for all your help.
    It's a 202 model with a synthetic stock. Harris bipod adaptor No.2 arrived yesterday and was fitted (piece of cake) in under 10 mins.
    A quick bit of drilling using the centre moulding line as a guide.
    The part sits nicely inside the fore-end and tightens up firmly (a bit of thread lock used).
    Bipod fits on perfectly and no sign of flex or stress on the fore-end.

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