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Thread: First deer track completed / Fährtenschuh BoDo

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    First deer track completed / Fährtenschuh BoDo

    Hi folks. My dog completed its first track using the tracking shoes with deer cleats attached. You can see it on my youtube channel. booleyhills71
    The recordings have been done by my son as I am injuired at the moment. Please subscribe and/or share your points of view.

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    Well done! Good track! How much blood and what length was the track. How old was the track?

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    Hi John, thanks. I'm not to sure how long it was. There was no blood used, although when I defrosted the cleaves a small amount appeared but I don't think it had any impact on the track. There was plenty of tricky parts where my son turned off in different directions, walked around bushes and trees. I think by the body language of the dog she was expecting a deer at the end of the track. The first and last time I let her smell those cleaves was in the middle of September when I shot the deer. She wasn't with me that evening as some of the farmers on my permissions do not allow dogs regardless of how steady they are to livestock.
    Im delighted with her, as I did not know how she would react to tracking with the shoes. She is used to following live trails, hare, fox and deer in the off season.The track was only a few hours old as it was her first with the shoes. I will make the tracks more difficult and older gradually.

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    Well done! Booley Hills, more Fallow than Cervus nippon? Nice part of the country

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    Hi G.O.I, my season ended mid Sept. I fell into a dyke back packing a fallow buck off the hill. I would have been stalking sika deer as well this season otherwise. Hope to be back for the new year. Fingers crossed.

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    Sorry to hear that. Hope you get up and going after hinds and does in January. Those fallow bucks can be heavy, not that I've seen many this year!

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