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Thread: Zeiss 30x60B Reflecting Telescope

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    Zeiss 30x60B Spotting Telescope

    Although no longer made, this is arguably the best hunting/spotting telescope ever produced; the current generation use only lenses rather than incorporating mirrors, making them considerably longer and heavier (but cheaper to make). Perhaps the best current example is the Zeiss Dialyt spotting scope and, by comparison, this reflecting telescope is significantly lighter - 900g versus 1200g - as well as being considerably shorter - 22cm versus 40cm. The fixed, compact size and relatively light weight of the reflecting telescope means that it can be carried easily in a knapsack, the cargo pocket of a jacket or kept in the central cubby box of a Land Rover or the glove compartment of a car. A tripod attachment is incorporated.The image is as crisp and clear as you would expect from Zeiss and smooth, precise focussing is achieved simply by turning the knurled ring that can be seen in front of the eyepiece.

    The one I have for sale is in excellent condition and was the subject of a comprehensive service by Zeiss at the end of August. The service cost a small fortune (350) but Zeiss assured me that, optically & mechanically, it would be essentially as good as new as a result - and that it would be under warranty for six months.

    600 would secure; inspection prior to purchase welcome (Oundle or Oxford); happy to answer any questions

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    All PM's replied to, I think?!

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    Now sold. Thanks for the interest.

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