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Thread: muntjac

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    hello all i am going out muntjac stalking this monday on one of my permissions though i often see a few about what would be your thoughts on best places too look ie where are they most likely to be this time of year,
    woodland though there is still some undergrowth
    or along the hedgerows or in the cover crops round the fields
    any help would be much appreciated


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    I would say woodland rides,edges or crossing from woodland into game cover its also worth checking around pheasant feeders if you have any if not put a few out

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    I would just stalk slowly through the wood Colin . Near the pen would be a good bet .....Good luck mate.

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    All grounds are different, I would try around any feeders and the woods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxhunter View Post
    I would just stalk slowly through the wood Colin . Near the pen would be a good bet .....Good luck mate.
    was hoping to save a few in that wood for when you down next, but if not many about anywhere else then i will pop in there monday
    i should be ok to shoot my other permission early next year if you coming down again


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    The one I shot last night was bursting with grain from a pheasant feeder...

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    Just find a nice corner and wait to ambush, actual stalking of muntjac is extremely frustrating!

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    You will have greater success setup and waiting over points such as a feeder, woodland ride or clearing, or a gap between 2 woods. Stalking muntjac is difficult with the cover still being so high and the size of the deer.

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    thanks for the input all i have a 30 acre wood with a pheasant pen in the middle and a few other feeders scattered about think that will do for a start i shall get there just before 1st light and wait an hour or so if no joy its CWD then on the rape fields
    thanks again will post any success or not


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    well not a great deal about this morning wood was very quiet only a small doe that didn't hang about long then was gone,
    then to the cwd not many of them about in the rape was just about finished for the day walking across last field back to car when saw them tell tale teddy bear ears pop up for a look about 200 yards out 20 minutes crawling later got it down to about 100 yards then Kev and his 243 done the rest and i nice big cwd in the bag


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