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Thread: Rib shears

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    Rib shears

    Has anyone got any recommendations? I find my meat saw doesn't work very brilliantly...

    I've got some poultry shears from Ikea that don't work too well, other than that, I've seen some here:

    Or what about the 'Gerber Bone Crusher'?

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    I bought some shears from Bushwear, they cost in the region of about 20.
    They work with a stanley knife blade which is replaceable.they work on roe ribs and brisket but the fallow its a bit much for them..


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    Never tried shears but Bushwear sell small hand saw [bush saw] works quite well on chest and pelvic bones carried on your belt if you nead to field dress and under 10 find I need a new one every year or so but at that price not a problem.

    Why is your meat saw not doing the job if you are needing a new blade bushwear sell them 7 failing that a sandvick does the job ok again it wont last long cutting bone.

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    I've got one of the Bushwear t-shaped saws which is great for gralloching, it's the butchering that I have trouble with: removing the rib cage from the spine.

    I've got a Gerber folding saw with stainless fine toothed blade meant for bone, it just doesn't cut very well, so I want to try a pair of rib shears instead.


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    Sorry Mat, missunderstood your post, yes shears might be ok for that,I use a Kam-lok bone saw.

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    Never seen the need for a bone saw when field gralloching (never seen the need to cut the pelvis or aitch bone at all whether in the field or larder). If it is for larder use then there really is no substitute for a normal bone saw, yes, you can struggle on with shears, folding saws, 't' shaped saws etc, but at the end of the day, nothing works as well as a proper bone saw with a sharp blade. JC

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    Just out of interest, are you removing the ribs to make to make 'spare ribs' and/or chops? Or is it just part of your butchering process? The reason I ask is that I tend to do the whole thing with just a boning knife leaving the ribs in situ.

    I end up with this - looks like the vultures have been!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I remove the shoulders, haunches and loins, as much as possible off the neck, then the rest goes in the stock pot to boil for a while, then the meat just falls off the bone and goes to the dog. I get the stock which I use for stews...

    I suppose I could try removing meat off the ribs, I always thought it was a bit too fiddly?

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    It only takes a couple of minutes with a bit of practice. Shave off the outer meat in one go, then it's just a case of whipping around each bit of meat between the ribs.

    Check out this (from about 3:20)

    I put it into sausages personally but I don't suppose your dog would mind either way!

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