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Thread: Inbetweeners....

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    Just watched the first Inbetweeners movie for the sixth time... it's enuff to make me get the "Lois" jeans and Simon shirt ironed and go get some clunge!!

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    I'm supposed to be a sensible professional person, but I love it.

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    they are all good to watch

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    Yep, I heard so much about the series, I became hooked when I watched the 10 best moments a while back. Instantly bought the box series 1,2 and 3. Looking forward to December the 1st when the second movie comes out.

    They bring back happy memories.

    Which one would like your selves to when you were of that age.........

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    I can relate to each of them but at my age the "cock-slap" scene seems very current!

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    Fantastic. Just what I needed to sort me out while suffering from man flu. Had me laughing like mad. The children were watching I'm a Celebrity and came in to see what I was up to- flicked over channel pretty quickly......

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