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Thread: SIKAMALC saves the day

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    SIKAMALC saves the day

    met Malc at the bothy ,cup of tea with Malc n Ben of we trot to drop Ben at a high seat poor blokes legs are worn to the woods for us .set off in search of the elusive fallow ,then a little accident with a big side effect.stepping through a gate the el crappo plastic clip on my allen sling lets go.bang ,thud the rifle hits the fence .no obvious scope impact so we carry on .then malc spots a white deer through the trees with about a dozen mixed white and dark does n fawns,off we set to get in postion for a shot.Malc puts me bang on for a head/neck shot at 80 yds .as i squeeze the trigger Malcs voice pipes up you missed.bugger how have I managed that.dejected carry on stalking and the cogs grind and ask the obvious daft question .could the fence impact have thrown the sights .Malc has a butchers and shows me the bent leg on me bipod .Malc kindly offers me the use of his 100 meter range and with his spotting and advice im soon back on sight,sure knows what he,s doing .
    Back to the bothy to meet Colin who was doing the evening trip with Malc .cup of tea n off we trot dropping me off at a high seat known for fallow .Malc,s instruction were quite clear dont fidget,dont pick your nose and let the fallow do all the work.Less than 10 minutes later a funny gutteral bark behind me and lotsa noise as a lone fallow pops into view.FREEZE my brain shouts,sure enough it clocks me but stops n stares every 5 or so yards deciding im just an ugly tree.<yes i have fell out of said tree>.he is now an HE as i clock his stumps as he puts his head down to feed broadside to me .up with the parker hale and shot him straight through the engine room. over the moon ,i watch him turn to run and drop on the spot .dont think he knew he,d been shot the way he thanks again Malc my first fallow buck and some great advice and range use .top banana Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm pleased it all worked out well for you in the end.

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    Well done with your first fallow

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    Good to see you again, and a nicely taken large pricket in very nice condition. Look forward to seeing you again later in the new year.
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    Well done mate, nice to meet you today at the stalking fair. Hope you enjoyed it.

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    certainly did ,nice to put names n faces together .bought some more vital equipment <i need it mrs wife if u read this>.enjoyable couple of hours with like minded peeps

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    Congrats on your first fallow!

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    thanks guys ,it being my last outing b4 chrimbo ,i was chuffed to bits to get 1 .malcs a great n patient coach .deffo go back in the new year n try for my first roe deer.

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