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Thread: new member, Martijn, gloucestershire area

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    new member, Martijn, gloucestershire area

    Hello dear forum members, a short intro.

    I'm Martijn, I'm originally Dutch but have spend the last couple of years in the UK, firstly in Snowdonia North Wales and at the moment in SW England and South Wales. I am a bit of a deer stalk novice but have enjoying falconry for many years hunting rabbits/hare and pheasants. I did actually do the hunters training back home but had to leave before the final practical exams due to a new job that I had to start. bit of a bummer since I had actually passed al the theoretical exams already... So that set it back a few years. But with a bit more spare time at the moment I decided to pick it up again. (currently doing my DSC1). During my day job I am a farm animal vet and get to attend quite a lot of RTA deer and also dart the occasional wounded or stuck deer in parks, gardens etc for the police rspca and general public. (in the last month a roe deer and a red stag). so those that shoot deer around here and see an ear tag that reads "eat not" might want to actually dial the mobile number on the back. Unless you really like to sleep a week after enjoying your venison ...

    I joined the DSD so I can use the forums and also to see if I can find someone locally with which I can get a bit more stalking experience with.

    see you on the forums or perhaps on a gamefair or hunt somewhere!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the site fellow countyman!


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    Welcome to the site.

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