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Thread: Syndicate Argyllshire

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    Syndicate Argyllshire

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    The photograph shows the boundaries everything that is forest you can stalk over.

    Looking for 3 replacement guns / people for a syndicate of 688 acres = 380.00 both Red and Roe.

    Start date 1 April 2010 for 12 months .

    Level one required ,insurance BASC, SACS, BDS,SGA or similar for 10 million .

    I will also AW for anyone as and when required at no extra cost.

    Out of season ticket on stags .

    Theres local accommodation B&B within 400 mtrs of the forest .

    Theres NO" rules" you shoot it its yours.

    You can go and Stalk whenever you like as much or as little as you like .

    If you want to look at the Area in detail google Millhouse argyll or multi map.

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    Hi WS. Will phone you later, Jim

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    Hi WS, I'm interested but are any of the existing syndicate guns from down south? ie; bucks, beds, midlands etc? would not want to trek all the way up by myself

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    Hi WS,

    I just spoke to Gadget on the phone about the syndicate space you are offering and it sounds like a great opportunity.
    I'd like to come up with Gadget on the 20th March to check it out, but if its as good as he says, then I'd be keen to sign up if space is still available?


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    hi ws sent you a pm hope to talk soon


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    if any places are avaliable i would be intrested
    and i can view this weekend and give a decession immediatley
    regards amaan

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    I've looked around this ground while Gadget was shooting and it's fantastic - really varied ground in a compact space, going from hill, to forest, to shore; I'd forgotten just how beautiful the west coast of Scotland was. Brenda in the B&B does a damn fine breakfast too.

    WS - I believe T has already put my name forward and I think I'm coming up with him on the 19th if I can blag yet more time out of the office.


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    Many thanks for all the interest in the syndicate, all the places are now filled ,I'll keep the unsuccessfully people in mind if anyone falls out, many thanks .

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