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Thread: Supporters club winner - November

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    Supporters club winner - November

    It is that time of the month again when three lucky members have been randomly selected, although done electronically I must point out that no members were injured whilst making the draw! It will be the winners responsibility to contact the supplier.
    So the lucky winners are,

    TonyC, you have won a Ridgleline Grizzly fleece, contact Paul at Scottcountry.

    Grant.N has won a Lee reloading kit, please contact 1967spud

    JSW has won a bag of decoys six mallard and six teal a mixture of ducks and drakes, contact DJ Decoys.

    Thanks once again to all of those that are participating supporters, the bursary fund will benefit from your help.

    Our aim is to run a level 1 course next year for 10 of our members at a hugely discounted price, how much discount depends on the success of the first years subscribers club. The decision to make it a discounted course as opposed to a free course was made because by discounting it we can bump the number to 10 and the course will consist entirely of SD members. The course will be run in conjunction with the S.L.D.G. who have successfully run similar courses for their own members and have kindly offered to run a course for us - at cost! Which gain will help keep the cost down, leaving just registration, assessor and instruction fees to be met by the subscribers club, so well done to you all.

    This hopefully will be the first that we can organise and obviously in various parts of the Country.

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    Congrats to all the lucky people

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    just back from the Deer Fair, had a great day which just got better.( so glad I didn't buy one)

    many thanks


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    Well done all,

    it's a great feeling when it costs so little, join up and become a winner

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    Thanks john, nice one. all the best john.

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    Well done guys.
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    Well done everyone.

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