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Thread: blaser saddle mount screwdriver

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    blaser saddle mount screwdriver

    Hi all,

    I'm after the above please if anyone has one they want sell on or indeed if you know of where I can buy one new ( I have searched the net but each time I go to the like of the sportsmans or euro optic websites my homesafe web settings prevent me from looking at the site-I cant for the life of me remember the password to change them)
    I realise that I could grind down a screwdriver but that is a little agricultural for me.

    Thanks in advance Mark.

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    A shotgun turnscrew is just right for these... and probably a darn sight easier to find than the Blaser equivalent.



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    Macleod of Tain

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    PM me your address and i'll send you one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    Sorry to jump in on this thread but thanks for the link, I've also been looking for a Blaser screwdriver. Now got one on the way. Many thanks,


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