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Thread: Unusually warm for November?

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    Unusually warm for November?

    Reports on the news of frogspawn yesterday, & I had this little sign of more summer leftovers this morning... very active & possibly recently emerged?
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    I think its an adult Tortoishell, rather than being newly emerged, you can see them all through the winter if it is warm enough for them to wake up from hibernation.

    They would normally go into hibernation by late October, waking up around mid to late March, into April.

    You sometimes see them coming out of the curtains of caravans when the heaters have been turned on.
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    I don't know if this is anything to do with it being such a mild/warm November but we have a crows nest in a tree oposite our front window. My wife says that she has spent time recently watching a couple of crows visiting it regularly and chasing off any magpies or other crows that came near it. She even saw one of the crows sitting in it and throwing out all the dead leaves and "rubbish" as if the bird were cleaning it out and getting ready to lay a clutch of eggs in it.

    I have been noticing quite a lot more butterflies about than I would expect to for late November!

    With such a mild autumn one has to wonder what sort of a winter is in store for us?

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    Dont panic it will get cold before March

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