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Thread: .257 copper bullets for trying

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    .257 copper bullets for trying

    Went to gunshop the other day to get some .257 bullets for reloading. They insisted on pointing me towards the cartridges and I insisted that I wanted bullets. "No" they said those are "bullet heads". "Whatever" I replied.
    So does anybody have any .257 copper BULLETS that they wish to dispose of. Happy to meet and trade with cash.
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    Hi Teyhan,
    I've been on the sniff for all copper bullets in 30cal and have really struggled to find any.
    I've witnessed quite a few roe being shot with them, and was highly impressed with their down range performance.

    The problem is. . Barnes are like hens teeth in this neck of the wood and the new Hornady offering was costing £1 a bullet for a box of 50. . . . Yes that's right, per bullet, not cartridge !!!

    I ended up buying a box of Noslet BT Hunting for less than half the price.

    There seems to be a gradual push towards non lead alternatives, but if this is an indication of the prices we will be expected to pay it will wipe out any cost saving in reloading.
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    Perhaps time for some enerprising Uk or European bullet manufacturer to start up?

    Lapua Naturalis springs to mind.
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