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Thread: Two happy stalkers

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    Two happy stalkers

    Saturday at 6.30 am we were heading west from Hastings to meet up with our clients for the day Sam who was hoping to shoot his first deer and Simon an experienced Stalker, We arrived at the meeting place and our clients were ready and waiting so we loaded up and headed out for our first session, it was decided that Sam would sit with me in a seat so he could have a steady rest for his first shot, whilst Simon stalked the wood with Robin,

    Sam and I sat quietly for about an hour then from our right a group of thirty or more fallow ran into the clearing about eighty yards away I told Sam to pick one that presented a good target and take the shot, This he did and the bullet from his RPA .308W hit the vitals and the deer dropped on the spot, Handshakes and congratulations over we settled down in case another opportunity should arise
    Robin came on the radio to say that they were approaching our seat so we unloaded and awaited their arrival, Simon said that he had several chances of a shot but he was a little slow off the mark, We loaded up and drove to our local cafe for a well earned breakfast,

    After breakfast, we drove to another piece of land where Sam was to stalk the wood with Robin whilst I sat with Simon in a seat some eighty yards into the wood in a small clearing, I told Simon to Load up and stalk very quietly into the seat as there would be a good chance of a shot on the way but under no circumstances was he to shoot the big white doe which was the owners pet, he saw four or five deer including the white doe but none presented a shot,

    We climbed into the high seat radioed robin to let him know we were in place
    A few minutes later a group of fallow walked along the valley to our right but did not present a shot, some time later another group passed in the opposite direction again without presenting a shot, Robin and Sam Saw deer but no shots were taken.
    So off to the next permission.

    This next farm had not been shot since last year and a few days ago we walked the fields and saw plenty of slots so we were expecting to see deer.
    I took Sam to one seat and Simon went with Robin to another.
    We climbed into the seat and in no time a doe and follower came out of the woods some 200 yards away and started feeding, as the light began to fade a shot rang out and we both cheered at the same time, a minute of two later Robin came on the radio to say that Simon had shot a nice doe so we climbed down from the seat and went to meet them, all in all a good result. Cheers Geoff

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