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Thread: 6.5x55 lapua

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    6.5x55 lapua

    I have a new box of lapua cases to sell now the rifle has gone 97.50 posted recorded delivery

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    Hi jb7x57,
    Just a heads up, I don't know if this is for 100 cases or not, i presume so as it says box in your thread, but if it is, you can buy 100 cases (box) at the sportsman gun centre for 64+p&p.
    atb blue.

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    It's a 100 box cost me 110 plus post. Midway
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    hi jb7x57,
    I'm not knocking your price, just saying if someone can buy 100 for 70 ish posted, you are unlikely to sell at 97. hope you get a sale.
    atb blue.

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    Looks like midway was a rip off will check with sportsman tommorrow looks like I will have to rethink

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    Midway usually is a rip off. I think I paid something like 75 @ 100 delivered at the start of the year.

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    Sure they are not 6.5-47 jb
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    Same price as sportsman 64 plus postage. But mine are here and ready for postage. Don't know if sportsman still have stock

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    If you still have these I'd like to buy them.

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