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Thread: Firearms cert renewal

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    Firearms cert renewal

    For your interest -
    Shotgun and firearm renewal forms arrive with me on 12th Jan I complete and return on 17th. My currents certs expire on 17th March.
    I phone two weeks later to ask if the paperwork has been received - yes it is being processed. I phone early March informing them my cert expires shortly and still I have not received a visit - I will hear shortly
    8th March home visit by police every thing in order fine. I am told that it is unlikely that I will receive my new licences before the expiry date and therefore I should take all weapons to a gun dealer on the 17th to store until my new licence appears. At which point I explain that I have not been negligent in anyway - officer agrees and tells me in that case keep the guns after the 17th but don't use them? I explain that I would be in possession of firearms w/o a current licence, a serious offence. I went on to say that the force HQ informed me that they would issue a temporary licence if there was a shortfall between renewal and expiry date. The officer agreed this was a good idea and settled on that.
    I was amazed that I was firstly told to put them in storage at my cost for how long? and secondly to keep them w/o a current licence - 3 rifles and 5 shotguns.
    Next time round I will submit my renewal 4mths in advance - that should be enough time?

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    That beggers belief mate,dare i ask what force your under.

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    Does it really matter which force?, they all have their own little rule book!
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    I had the same last renewal , Asked for a temp cert and was told it is to much paper work ! I lost a month off my ticket due to the police not getting my cert out. But thet told me to carry on shooting as it was normal.
    Checked it out with the force where my permision is and they said no problem.
    I Bet it would have been a problem if i sent it back a month late !!

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