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Thread: It never rains, update

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    It never rains, update

    Well unfortunately in the OP I said things come in three's. While mum and my Springer are both doing well after surgery we have lost out Cocker who passed away last Thursday evening. He was almost 16 and had a really good life until a couple of days of the end but he does leave a big hole. Tom

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    Aaaah. Bugger
    Sorry for you Tom
    16 a good innings for a cocker ?

    Have a dram & think o the good days you had with him

    A'the best to you


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    It's never easy, but you'll have 16 years of great memories which will live with you for ever
    Chin up

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    Well unfortunately its still raining. Sam is back in surgery today. Despite not being off the lead he had a dislocated patella (stifle/knee cap) xray this morning showed a break in part of the cruciate ligament repair so the vet operated while he was still under the anaesthetic, good man. Really hoping this sorts it out. Collecting him in the morning. May be retirement time.

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    sad for your loss hope the other comes back tops

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    chin up mate theres still your memories ,

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