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Thread: Great service from Malvern Firearms Unit

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    Red face Great service from Malvern Firearms Unit

    My local firearms unit at Malvern police station in Worcestershire had an open day yesterday 29th November.
    It wasn't well publicised and I only found out when I went on the West Mercia police website to download form 202, so I could apply for a variation to my certificate.
    The service received on the day was superb, Malvern is one of those stations that is no longer open to the public and to be able to go in and hand in my forms to someone was a rare treat. The firearms team were obviously on duty and dealing with other enquiries too, my variation was granted and my certificate printed and returned to me whilst I waited. In and out in 20 mins.
    What a result !

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    Neo, what a result that is, i have been through a good few months getting FAC and since then had a couple of quick variations down to a few days on the .17hmr but on the 10th of this month i put in a request for a .308 and extra ammo for .22 and am still waiting, dare say Malvern done a cracking job. Police Scotland at Pitt St seem to be letting me down a tad as well as others throughout various places in Scotland.

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    I dropped in to Malvern on Saturday along with a shooting buddy. We found out at the last minute and almost didn't go. First inclination was to be there at 08:00, but a prior commitment ruled that out (fortunately!)

    Getting there at around 13:45 we surprised a wpc by just walking in. She had obviously just arrived and hadn't been briefed that a bunch of firearms license holders would be on the loose in the station. Luckily we were rescued by a receptionist (who had been drafted in from Redditch it turned out.) She called for a member of the firearms team while explaining that we had picked a good time. Apparently, the place was packed out first thing. I had expected that they would have put aside a room with, say, five desks each with an FEO but everything was dealt with in reception or over the counter.

    My mate was after replacement tickets and to have his FAC opened up. I was also looking for an open FAC and a second moderator for my .223. A slot for a .308 was also on my wishlist for a short-actioned light-weight stalker, but I was prepared to be knocked back as I only got a 30-06 earlier this year. None of the requests were a problem as Clive Williams was on hand to review our records and make instant decisions.

    We were there for about 40 minutes total. I believe the day was successful generally and the few ticket holders who came and went while we were there made positive comments. I realise that some forces allow individual drop-ins and in the past West Mercia have dealt with an ammunition increase for me on this basis, but to open the doors and be equipped to deal with a rush of license holders in one day was a good move. I hope they saw it as a success from their side of the counter and commit to holding more similar sessions.



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