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Thread: Sako 75 .243 re-loads

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    Sako 75 .243 re-loads

    I have a .243 Sako 75 varmint stainless laminated mainly shooting foxes carrion crows. Can anyone advise on re-loading. thanks,

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    .243 best load data or 12 or so threads down the list. May be of some help.

    What sort of advice are you after? How to reload? Bullet choice? etc. . .

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    I've used 55gn ballistic tips through mine to good effect, bit messy at the far end but does the job.
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    I had great success with 90gn nosler ballistic tips in mine, over H414 and CCI primers. Used to shoot sub 1/4" if I could do my bit...

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    85gr Sierra HPBT over IMR4064. I use quite a soft load. Always work up your loads.

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    I see no point in wasting a premium bullet on crows (and to some extent foxes although they are tough little sods and deserve a projectile that will do the job quickly)

    Nosler on vermin seems an unnecessary expense

    AMax and VMax in 57 or 75gr
    Scierra HP in 60gr, 55gr or 70gr Blitzking

    all well made and likely to be just as accurate as bullets costing twice the amount

    I used 75gr VMax over N160 and CCI200
    very accurate

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