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Thread: Any American WW1 experts out there help needed

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    Any American WW1 experts out there help needed

    I am going through some of my late grans stuff currently held by her son (my Uncle).

    Anyway she comes from a British army family but served in France with the Americans in 1917/18 and has the standard trio of medals the 1914/15 star, the british war medal and the victory medal 'pip, squeak and wilfred' so did some other service in 1914/15 to get the 1914/15 star which I am looking into.

    The point of the post is that she had an american shoulder flash that I am having trouble identifying and hence my request for help.

    The photo below shown the moth eaten patch but can anyone say whal it is? Trying to get WW1 sorted before moving onto WW2 and what she did then, again in france- trouble
    with old folk they rarely spoke of what they did and trying to find out once they are dead is a bit difficult. regards sbmClick image for larger version. 

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    Hello, i just had a look on ancestry. com There is a section on ww1 us rank and insignia. There is a flash very similar to yours but the eagles head is going the other way (could be reversed photo). The description says central records office. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for your reply, I did not look at ancetry uk so will now have a look at it and see what I can see but it sounds like the one from your description. I am sorting through a stack of papers including a photo album with photos of WW1 tanks going into battle etc facinating reading. regards sbm

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    I suggest putting your query onto the army rumour service or as its more commonly called ARRSE website as there are people who will probably be able to tell you quite a lot about your stuff; once you get the piss takers out the way.

    Thankfully requests for info like yours on the forum are usually dealt with sensibly by grown ups tho!!

    cheers Mick

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    Mick - thanks for the reply and the suggestion about ARRSE i will look into that for further queries.

    Paul - looked up the CRO and found the insignia at once. Same as I have and the medal flash is also the victory medal so this part of the puzzle is becoming a little clearer. regards sbm

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    While I am pretty well up on this (though far from an expert, just a retired US serviceman from a long line of the same), this one just doesn't show up in any of my archives.

    As solo as you detail a service member to another branch, or under the command of another country, well...... everything becomes a mad mix. If you do find information please post an update.

    On a side note, in both WWI and WWII, my family (with our strong Germanic background ) rarely ended up in European theaters. The only exception was a great uncle with an Anglo surname, and he spent less than 60 days in Europe before perishing.

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