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Thread: Boar in Normandy

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    Boar in Normandy

    Having seen EMcC's comment that no one is writing up their trips I will add a brief note.

    I shot in Normandy on Saturday as part of a mixed group of French and English, we were 16 rifles and shot 58 head between us. The bag included 56 boar of various sizes, one red spiker and a roe doe. Suffice to say that we could could had shot a great deal more if we had shot straighter.

    We then retired to the owners magnificent trophy room for an excellent dinner with fine wine and champagne. What I would say as an aside was that the shooting was safer than I have seen in a while and everyone was very well dressed with NO cammo to be seen and most were in tweed and a tie.

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    Nice one Patrick, sounds like a well organised hunt. Were you using the 9.3?


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    I was using a 9.3, my new one, it is a 9.3x74r over and under Merkel built between the wars, great fun...


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    Did you shoot a left & right by any chance?

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    As it happens no but I did try to avoid shooting sows.....

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    Patrick , Was this a walled estate? or open country

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    Sounds a good trip, sounds like it was alot of fun

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    Not walled but with a stock fence around it so as to enable the land owner to make the Chasse Prive.

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    What sort of acreage are we talking about? this sounds as sporting as my brothers pheasant tower shooting trip in the states

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    Stop stirring Richard...!! It was over 1000ha and the fence was like a sheep fence.

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