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Thread: Introduction from 50/50

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    Introduction from 50/50

    Hi all,

    I'm a new member just completed my DSC1. Have been out a few times locally for CWD and Munties on paid stalks but also looking for deer stalking rights in my area which is Buckinghamshire. Happy to do pest control as well. I'm a reasonably experienced hunter with .223 and .308 on my FAC but have not done a lot in the UK.

    Here is a bit on my stalking background;
    Have done all the usual pest control back in my native NZ as a kid. Looking forward to getting back for a Himalayan Thar at some stage too.

    I've been to South Africa and Namibia a couple of times to stalk plains game and hoping to return next year for a decent buff in the Caprivi strip. Here is a link to a blog I posted on for any members interested in getting a flavour of African style stalking in Namibia. Definitely the trip of a lifetime and worth saving up for!

    Here in the UK, I would like to get out on a more regular basis. I'm keen to shoot Roe in Wales, Reds and sika in Scotland and would also be interested in joining a group wanting to hunt driven boar in Poland or other Eastern block countries. Let me know if you have any spare spots in syndicates available for the Chilterns, Wales or Midlands areas?


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    Welcome on board hope you post on your trips to africa with pictures

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