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Thread: Ammunition for boar shooting

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    Ammunition for boar shooting

    I am hoping to go boar shooting soon , anybody got any advice on ammunition using my 308 also FMJ , soft nose or ballistic tip?

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    Well FMJ would be illegal for live quarry for a start, so not those. Is this driven boar or from a high-seat/stalked?

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    I have box of Sako 180gr Hammerhead sitting in the cupboard waiting for a boar opportunity. Regards JCS

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    In .308 I would suggest, from experience, any 180gr soft point even 150gr will do as most shots will be taken at less than 50 yards and any hit in the first 1/4 part of it's body will bring it down.
    Deep penetration isn't anything to be considered at those ranges.
    Recently I have seen quite a few people using PPU 180gr soft point to good effect too.

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    I recommend a stouter, heavier bullet. A boar is not very wide through the chest, as he is through the shoulders, so a standard 150-gr SPT works fine, if you put it there. But if the angle is wrong, or you hit forward in the gristle shield over their shoulders and upper chest, you need a tougher bullet that will stay together after it penetrates that tough gristle. I like the 180-gr Core Lokt RN, and the Speer Grand Slam. A friend loads the Nosler 180-gr Partition in his .30-06 for big game.

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    Always betterbslow and heavy 180-220 in 308. Nothing ballistic as you may be shooting through branchas and leaves.

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    Are you looking to load your own, or are you looking to buy factory?

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    As a general rule must use soft point heavy rounds but smaller calibers are used!

    Obviously this heavily dependant on where you are in the world and legality - but many, many pig's fall to .223, there's a good article at the following link discussing this -

    On the back of this any 308 legal round should drop a boar.



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    I used a 200grn Sierra game king in my 30-06 to good effect in Croatia my mate also used the same bullet tip in his .308 and they worked fine, the locals all said slow and heavy is the best practice like Glogin says you shoot through a lot of undergrowth sometimes


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    Federal 180gr in .308 does the job....

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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